<![CDATA[HAPPY ONSLAUGHT GAMES - Early Development RPG]]>Mon, 19 Feb 2018 10:06:13 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Weeks in and making progress]]>Fri, 22 May 2015 02:37:26 GMThttp://ho-games.com/early-development-rpg/weeks-in-and-making-progressThe working title is <non-disclosed> - I really want to have time to buy the Domains if I can.

Functionally that I can show - I have a random map being generated, events placed on each vertex of the map,

I have a bunch of other classes for different parts of the game coded out to a partial extent so I can get the logic working for what is seen. 

I'm building in Unity all Scripts are C#.

---Gave a summary to my brother---

Posted a video of what I have that is visual (no real graphics and it is nothing at all)…most of the coding is going into Object Classes and tools to make object data the game can use to fill in the classes.

There will be a few default campaigns.  Each campaign will have a different starting party, and some different story presented at key moments.
The map is randomly generated with points on a grid.  Each point is given a name, description, an Event, and eventually art.
The farthest left point is the start, the farthest right (at this time) is the exit.
The player will work towards the exit… After the player reaches the exit the enemies will be more difficult in the next stage (better equipped, stronger).  There will be a set number of stages in most campaigns - but I think I will also make an endless mode.  The player will travel by looking at the map and clicking on a node they are connected to and that they want to travel to.  (no real traveling or w/e - it’s a 2d game) - Very similar to how the player moves in FTL.  When the game is closer to being complete there will be locations the player knows about from the start (ie already mapped), locations the player has heard of (but doesn’t know how to get to), and locations that the player knows nothing of…
Players can travel to a location that connects to a location they know of but not how to get to - to discover the path to those locations.  the completely secret locations they know nothing about they will have to learn from scenarios.

when they arrive at a new location they will be presented with some kind of scenario (even if that is “there is nothing here”)   The scenario is basically some kind of thing/person at that location and how they handle the situation - when the player handles a situation successfully they will get some kind of reward (regenerated health, object, weapon, armor, new character for the party, etc).  On a failure in the scenario the player can lose a character or have them damaged, lose items, etc.
Depending on the class of the party members, items held, or skills learned players will get different options for each scenario with one or two generic ones that have only a little chance of working.  The specialized options have a higher chance of working (the percentage of success is hidden from the player).
After the scenario the player may be faced with a battle (it’s random but the chance is adjustable in the scenario).  If the player loses in the scenario with certain options a battle will be 100% guaranteed.
Battling will be some form of RPG - each character in the players party may have one or more ways to attack - I’m not sure if it will be turn based (like Pokémon/X-Com Enemy Unknown) or realtime (like FTL).
When the battle is over the player will be given another reward.
Persistent death:If any of the players party members die in battle or by the outcome of a scenario - the character is dead - he/she won’t get up at the end like in Mass Effect.
I’ve been really pulled in by these random world generation games (FTL, X-Com Enemy Unknown). 
I’ve been looking at some kickstarters and other successful indie games and it seems that providing the players with tools to take the game you give them and let them mod is the best chance for success.  I am/will be writing tons of XML files that the game reads for information about Items, CharacterClasses, Campaigns, Scenarios, etc … I’m writing tools to make generating those files easier as I get to those stages and have started working out how exactly those should be structured.
I wrote about 3 different versions of the Scenario and then wrote the tool for generating them and made even more modifications but now I have something that will allow me to make new scenarios fairly quickly with little chance of having syntax errors.

A look at my current Mod tool...Only a few changes needed on the Event Creator and adding in the ability to load scenarios... but since the Editor is tied into the main game project I should be able to leverage the methods already created to get my event from xml and then assign it to the form's event.
<![CDATA[New Project - Fantasy/RPG/Rouge-Like]]>Tue, 28 Apr 2015 02:20:13 GMThttp://ho-games.com/early-development-rpg/new-project-fantasyrpgrouge-likeThe Beginning -

I have been needing to make a game and see it to completion.  I can't think of a super original Idea so I'm going to try and make a game like the ones I really enjoy playing... I'm feeling inspired by FTL: Faster than Light and X-Com Enemy Unknown.  Anytime I feel like playing a game - I'll be in the mood to play those two.  I love the randomizations in every play-through - never being the same. 

I like the combat from X-Com being turn based and the franticness that gets into FTL but you have the option to pause it and think - or just ponder how long I can survive under such an onslaught.